Managing HR
doesn't have to be hard

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The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists is an interactive guide that provides simple, repeatable steps for the most common HR scenarios. Start managing your employees with confidence.

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The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists cover

Let's face it, managing Human Resources is complicated

It is an unavoidable yet critical part of any successful business. Not getting it right is NOT an option.

When surveyed, most business owners find Human Resources Management overly complicated, frustrating, and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Increase in employment lawsuits since 2002 (ADP)
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HR teams reporting employee retention and turnover as their biggest challenge (Globoforce)
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Use The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists to
stop making simple Human Resources mistakes

Streamline your processes

Follow proven employee management systems so you can do more, better, in less time

Stay in compliance

Whether you have 5 or 500 employees, you can be sure you're doing everything you should be by law.

Reduce consulting costs

Reduce your consulting or lawyer expenses. Focus your time and money on growing your business.

“This Resource Guide is a MUST HAVE for all small organization management individuals with HR responsibilities and no in-house HR department. It contains everything you need to know without having to call an expensive law office for counsel, in one, easy-to-use manual of checklists, forms, and educational information.”
PJ Ketcham Robinson
Small Business Owner

Don't become the latest headline!

No matter the size of your company, one wrong decision or employee complaint can bring in an investigation from the Department of Labor, EEOC, or OSHA… resulting in thousands or even millions of dollars in fines, penalties, legal fees, court costs, and other imposed legal remedies.

The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists will help you avoid making the same mistakes these companies made.

We know dealing with employee issues can be tough

As small business owners ourselves, we’ve dealt with HR and employee management throughout our careers. It’s tough when you’re wearing all the hats and only dealing with HR when it crops up. And we know the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when an employee issue happens and you don’t know what to do.

We created The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists to be a simple yet thorough reference for the most common employee management scenarios. It’s the resource we wish we had when we started dealing with employees.

About us

Chuck Simikian headshot

Chuck Simikian, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

“HR has many roles, but they all tie up to one imperative... to protect a company.”

Chuck Simikian, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, the President of Alliance HR Partners Consulting is a seasoned certified HR professional with over 25 years of corporate HR experience spanning all aspects of Human Resources including recruitment, training, employee relations, benefits administration, payroll, and HR compliance across a variety of industries including: hospitality, themed attractions, retail, resorts, non-profits, and law enforcement.

John Thalheimer, MS Org. Leadership

“Employees are at the heart of Business… if we don’t have the proper systems to support them, businesses will fail.”

John Thalheimer is an award-winning management consultant, sough-out workshop facilitator, and author who has helped hundreds of businesses and professionals transform their potential into extraordinary performance. John is the CEO of True Star Leadership, a business consulting firm focused on workplace performance. He has over twenty-five years of multi-industry experience focused on improving small business systems. John has a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and a bachelor’s in communication and is certified in executive coaching, change management, and six sigma principles. He is the author of The Truth of Selling, a marketing book for small business owners.

John Thalheimer headshot
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John and Chuck co-host the highly-acclaimed HR Stories Podcast, where there is a lesson in the story. In each episode, they share a story where a company missed the mark, what went wrong, and how you can avoid a similar fate. They cover topics as far-ranging as best hiring practices, anti-discrimination, sexual harassment in the workplace, benefit manipulation, wrongful termination lawsuits, performance management, and building better cultures.

“In smaller businesses where one person may wear multiple hats, these checklists come in handy to make sure you are covering all the steps. It is hard when you are doing HR as a function of your job but do not have time to do all the research, and these checklists give you the necessary information in a quick format.”
Diane Truett
Director of Businses Administration

Who is this resource guide for?

You’re running a profitable business and have a few dozen employees. You need to maintain compliance with federal employment laws but don’t have a dedicated HR staff. This guide will give you everything you need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

You’re hustling and wearing a lot of hats. You need to manage the employee stuff but also stay lean and agile. This guide cuts to the chase so you can get the answers and processes you need, then get back to growing.

You’re a general manager, office manager, or admin. You might know a little about HR, but you’d love to know you’re doing it right. This guide will help you take care of HR tasks better and easier, so you can do your job with confidence.

You work in HR within a company or you’re a consultant. You’d like to expand your knowledge and have a resource for those tough questions. This guide will fill any gaps and help you be the go-to resource for your company or clients.

You run a nonprofit and are doing great work in your community or the world. You may not know whether employment laws apply to your organization, or which ones do. This guide will explain what you need to do to become compliant and remain compliant, so you can stay focused on your greater mission.

You want to pursue a career in HR but find textbooks and other resources challenging to learn from. This guide simplifies the tough stuff so you can quickly grasp employment laws and best practices and excel in your education.

What's included?

The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists is an interactive, downloadable guide that contains over 70 comprehensive checklists, including:

  • Knowing which employment laws you need to comply with and why (page 12)
  • Writing employee handbooks that inform your teams and protect your organization against litigation (page 15)
  • Creating crystal-clear policies so employees know your expectations on and off the job (pages 24-25)
  • Writing a vision statement that engages your employees in a meaningful mission (pages 34-35)
  • Writing and publishing job descriptions that are legally-compliant and help you hire qualified candidates (pages 38-40)
  • Making remote interviews a painless process for you and your applicants (page 44)
  • 30 potentially illegal interview questions (page 52)
  • 30 questions you should be asking in every job interview (page 53)
  • A simple interview scorecard to objectively evaluate candidates and keep interviews consistent (pages 67-68)
  • Hiring and properly classifying independent contractors to avoid IRS and DOL woes (pages 72-82)
  • 20 employee benefits disclosures and notifications you may need to provide (page 97)
  • Simplifying open enrollment so you and your employees can stay grounded and focused (page 99)
Ultimate Book of Human Resources Checklists - Page 48 checklist
Ultimate Book of Human Resources Checklists - Page 116 checklist
  • A Request for Time Off Form you can start using right away to fairly and consistently track PTO (page 107)
  • Handling reasonable accommodation requests and maintaining ADA compliance (pages 116-117) and an Accommodation Request Form to document requests (page 119)
  • Creating an anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policy as a first line of defense (page 121)
  • Complying with FMLA and supporting employees who take FMLA leave (pages 125-126)
  • Properly investigating harassment complaints to help protect your organization (pages 132-135)
  • Creating remote/hybrid/work-from-home policies to set clear expectations at all stages of the role (pages 146-149)
  • Implementing a consistent performance management system so you can objectively evaluate employees against their job expectations (page 159)
  • Implementing a termination process that removes legal exposure and vulnerability (pages 168-169)
  • Conducting exit interviews to understand why employees leave and identify any illegal or harmful practices that may have harmed them (page 173)
  • Conducting stay interviews to learn why employees stay, build trust, and identify ways to make their jobs even better for them (page 176)
  • Implementing crisis management processes to prevent, prepare for, and respond to any adverse events (pages 187-188)
  • Handling an unannounced OSHA inspection (pages 206-211)
  • Responding to EEOC Charges of Discrimination (page 222)
  • Auditing I-9s to avoid DHS ICE penalties and fines (pages 226-231)
  • Avoiding common ADA, FMLA, and I-9 pitfalls (pages 242-246)

…plus Resources and Legal Concerns for every topic and checklist!

Ultimate Book of Human Resources Checklists - Page 170 checklist

How to make Human Resources Management
easy and stress free

1. Buy the Book

2. Follow the checklists

3. Manage with confidence

Why we wrote this resource guide

We know people who deal with HR want to be competent in employee management and feel confident in their decisions. But HR is such a complex topic, most people don’t know what they don’t know.

Uncertainty and doubt cause stress and anxiety, and making the wrong employment decision could cost millions of dollars in penalties and legal fees. You shouldn’t have to feel you’re adrift in the ocean of HR.

We know how tough HR and employee management can be, so we created these checklists to help ourselves and our clients make the right decisions with the right information. We’ve used these checklists ourselves and teach our clients how to use them. And now we want you to use them to simplify your business.

All you need to do is buy the guide and follow the checklists to start managing with confidence. Grab your copy today so you can avoid HR woes and stay focused on your business—and maybe even enjoy HR a bit.

Learn how The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists helps you leverage the hidden power behind successful businesses.

What others are saying

The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists has been incredibly useful for our small non-profit organization—we are so grateful to have this book as a resource for our HR department!”
Jennifer Ancevski
Non-Profit Deputy DirEctor
The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists is a great example of a resource that has multiple uses. The tool is perfect for various situations and can be used as is or can be customized to fit just about any unique situation. I recommend this for any person that has anything to do with HR.”
Michael Clark
Certified Financial Planner©
“Astronauts and pilots all know the value of checklists. When the stakes are high, the well-prepared checklist delivers every time. The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists harnessed this simple yet powerful tool for us all to use. Brilliant.”
Michael J. Donnelly
President, Donnelly Group, LLC

Everything you get with your copy

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“I use it every day! As a one-person Human Resources Department, The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists has proven to be an invaluable tool and resource for me for both common and uncommon Human Resource situations. No matter how big or small your organization is, you need this book!”
Jennifer Capetillo
HR Director

Not sure yet? Let's answer your questions.

Does this guide cover my problem/question/issue?

We've covered the most common HR problems, questions, or issues that could come up. We can't be certain that our guide answers your exact question, but we're confident it will point you in the right direction. And if you aren't sure, let us know and we'll be glad to help!

Is this guide a replacement for a class on HR?

The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists is a great supplement for any class or certification. We should know... we teach HR, Employment Law, and Management classes every month. This book shares our knowledge with you... especially if you don't do HR full time!

Do I need prior HR knowledge?

Absolutely not! We wrote this guide so someone who knows nothing about HR and employee management can pick it up and understand it. We humbly believe our guide is the best place to start learning about HR so you can apply what you learn right away.

Why should I buy your guide over someone else's book or resource?

There are a lot of great books out there on HR, and you could spend a lot of time and money reading them all. Our guide captures the essentials you need to start better managing employees today without all the fluff. It's also much cheaper than an employment lawyer or legal fees for noncompliance.

Can't I just find all this info online?

Sure, we use the Internet too from time to time. But if you don't know where you get your information from, you run the risk of making decisions on the wrong information. The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists includes Resources for each checklist that link to trusted websites where you can find what you're looking for.

Do I really need this guide?

If you have employees, then YES!

“I wish I would have had an HR checklist to help me navigate challenging and routine HR requirements throughout my career. Nothing is more regretful than missing an HR detail that comes back to haunt you. I applaud this easy-to-use reference manual John and Chuck have compiled and recommend it highly. This is an essential resource, a gift that will be a substantial contribution to the improvement of our service industry and valuable, helpful assistance to you.”
John Berndt
Former President of Cipriani Hotels and GM of Ritz-Carlton

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